Calcium-Magnesium 400 Tablets

Calcium-Magnesium   400 Tablets
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Magnesium and calcium are important nutrients, vital for many metabolic processes and life functions in the human organism.

Calcium fulfils different and important functions in the organism: quantitatively the largest part serves in form of the bones and teeth as supporting organ of all tissues and so of the whole body.

Magnesium improves the muscle function, increases the strain tolerance of the muscle and reduces the tendency to cramps in muscle and calf. Also bones and teeth need and contain magnesium.

Each tablet contains:
300mg of calcium carbonate and 200mg of magnesium carbonate (corresponding to 125mg of calcium and 50mg of magnesium).
Dosage instructions:
Take two tablets 3 times daily before or after meals.

Calcium carbonate (16% calcium), magnesium carbonate (6,7% Magnesium), cornstarch, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate, middle-chained triglycerides), bulking agent (croscarmellose natrium).
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