Shark Cartilage Capsules

Shark Cartilage Capsules
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Gelenkfit capsules contain calcium, magnesium, 8 vital B-vitamins as well as high quality shark cartilage powder with important nutrients for the metabolism of muscles, bones and joints. The problems which often result from a general lack of exercise can be balanced out by these natural substances. As a result your muscles are strengthened and consolidated through valuable mucopolysaccharids. These substances are components of the connective and supporting tissue such as your skin and cartilages, as well as of body mucous which have a slide and protective effect. In order to keep your bones and joints in good health, these substances should be administered with food. We also recommend the Gelenkfit capsules to all customers who take Gelat-PLUS® because the valuable mucopolysaccharids supplement the effect of Gelat-PLUS® in the best possible way.

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