Osteonat-Plus Tablets 400 Tablets

Osteonat-Plus Tablets   400 Tablets
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Hydrolised gelatine with calcium and manganese-yeast. Osteonat PLUS® is a high quality food supplement remedy with valuable amino acids, which are natural components of your skin, hair, nails, bones, articular cartilages and of the connective tissue, therfore a supplementing of the daily food is recommendable. Osteonat PLUS® contains a special hydrolised gelatine which is extracted from a gentle protein splitting and enhanced with the mineral nutrient calcium which makes a substantial contribution to the forming of the inorganic substance of bones and teeth. In addition the valuable manganese-yeast stimulates the calcium integration in bones and teeth. Osteonat PLUS® is well digestible and is therefore also suitable as food supplement remedy over a longer period of time. Osteonat PLUS® should be applied regularly and consistently over several months.

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