WuWeiZi & pomgranate 90 Capsules

WuWeiZi & pomgranate   90 Capsules
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Schizandra chinensis, also called ""WuWeiZi"is the "herb of the five flavours". The fruit is a slightly sour tasting berry, which also contains parts of sweet, hot and mild aroma. That wide gustatory spectrum is traced back to a complex of rare flavonoids and a unique ethereal oil. In the Asian area schizandra is already listed for centuries as dietary supplement on the daily menu. The pomegranate belongs to the family of the myrtle plants. The fruits contain above all big amounts of secondary plant compounds such as polyphenols (flavonoids, tanines). The polyphenol ellagic acid, which owns antioxidative qualities, is of particular importance. The vitamins B6 and B12 as well as folic acid complete the both plant-based extracts through its vascular-healthy qualities. Each capsule contains 300mg schizandra (=WuWeiZi) concentrate 10:1 corresponding to 3,000mg schizandra powder, contains 200mg pomegranate concentrate with 40% ellagic acid as well as the vascular-healthy vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid.

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