Olibafit Tablets 200 Tab

Olibafit Tablets   200 Tab
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Frankincense is a resin plant that comes from the bark of the Boswellia (Boswellia ssp.), a shrub that grows throughout central and western China. Its oil contains ethereal terpena, Campher, polysaccharides and different resin acids. Of particular importance is the Boswellia acid, the acid component of the natural resins. Its use dates back many centuries and the first records of it as a natural remedy were reflected in writing in 490 BC.

Many inflammatory processes are due to certain enzymatic processes. The effects of natural plant based incense in the active substance called Boswellia acid. This represents a resinous acid specific inhibitory substance which favors combat inflammatory processes, limiting the effects of the enzyme responsible for inflammation (lipoxygenase-5).

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