Selenium plus Vitamins 120 Capsules

Selenium plus Vitamins   120 Capsules
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High-quality food supplement with selenium-yeast plus vitamin C, E, provitamin A and magnesium for the maintenance of healthy somatic cells. Harmful environmental influences, exhaust fumes, smog, ozone, solar radiation, luxury foods and stress can result in a forming of aggressive substances. These substances are called "free radicals". Free radicals can influence the balance of the metabolic reactions. The antioxidative vitamins C, E as well as beta-carotin (also called provitamin A) and the vital trace element selenium support our somatic cells. Therefore it is reasonable to supply your body regularly with these so-called scavengers in a sufficient form. The careful coordinated composition of Selenium-plus-ACE-capsules offers nourish-conscious people the possibility to stimulate the functional ability of their somatic cells up to old age. Each capsule contains 60µg of selenium, 100mg of vitamin C, 25 I.E. of natural vitamin E, natural beta-carotin out of the marine algae Dunaliella salina and 40mg of pure magnesium.

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