Tick Stop Spray 20 ml + 100 ml

Tick Stop Spray   20 ml + 100 ml
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20ml Spray + 100ml Relleno
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When spring comes - the ticks also come with it. To protect your dog effectively against this menace,Tick stop was developed - an effective antidote on a natural basis with ethereal oils. Ticks are today, in many regions, regarded as serious threat to health. They can pass ?! Very dangerous pathogenic germs on humans and domestic animals, which cause in many cases meningitis (FSME) and borreliosis. Ticks are to be found in gardens, meadows, bushes and shrubs, in the wood and on borders of a wood. As soon as they perceive the smell of a suited "host", they let fall themselves on him, chew their way through the skin with their mouth parts and suck themselves full with blood, whereas they often pass pathogenic germs. Tick stop contains natural, ethereal oils (eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil, tea-tree oil) in a high concentration, dissolved in a water-isopropanol-mixture. Through this combination, tick stop protects effectively against ticks and is at the same time very well digestible.

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